Who are mortgage brokers and how can they help? 


A mortgage broker is a professional who assists you in times of distress. The distress, in this case, can be purely economical, not emotional or physical. 

A mortgage broker helps the client to get rid of the most dangerous financial hustle the clients have positioned themselves in due to mishandling the assets. 

These brokers are experts in assisting you with many ranges of services. Some of the services they provide are as follows:

  • Assisting in getting a bad credit mortgage.
  • Helping to obtain a second mortgage.
  • Spousal removal from asset classes after separation or divorce.
  • Helping to get a loan or mortgage if you’re self-employed; hence, not getting a loan.
  • Removal or signatory from asset classes.
  • Purchase of house even after a bank refusal.
  • Refinancing of the mortgage.
  • Debt consolidation.
  • Detailed credit history research and giving helpful advice to improve credit records, etc.

These services can be viewed as some of the major services out of the many more services a mortgage broker provides to their clients under financial distress.

Many private brokerage firms provide private mortgage schemes like the North East private mortgage loan scheme that can help you to get a mortgage from a private lending party. 

A private mortgage is considered by a borrower in a situation of ultra emergency. For example, when a 60-day notice is issued or when the bank refuses to renew your mortgage, only mortgage refinancing can save you. 

The interest rate of such private mortgages are high, yet these loans can help repay existing debts during emergencies. It is always better to take the assistance of a mortgage broker while taking a private loan since the dangers involved in the private mortgage are quite high.

Bad credit mortgage and steps to avail one

A bad credit mortgage is a mortgage issued to people with a bad credit score. The interest rate is very high. 

The steps to get a bad credit mortgage are:

  • Assess your credit score first. It is always important to have a check on your credit score. Bad credit mortgage lenders usually do not care about the credit score being low but they do cross verify any bankruptcy or consumer proposal history.
  • A large down payment is required for bad credit mortgages.
  • A co-signer will improve the chances of getting a bad credit mortgage.

These are some of the steps to be followed when applying for a bad credit mortgage. Do consult a qualified mortgage broker to take care of the documentation and legal issues in the process.